@NovartisPharma “evolving business practices to better educate the medical community”. We expected much more!

The new Novartis model to engage with healthcare professionals from January 2017.

  1. Digital Technology, including Vivinda TV
  2. No sponsorship to attend congresses, unless you are
    • a speaker,
    • a moderator
    • a poster presenter
  3. No more speaker fees in promotional meetings, unless there is
    • a new Novartis products
    • a new indication of a marketed products to launch
    • a new Novartis sponsored trials published

After the statements of CEO Joe Jimenez, we expected much more.

We operate in a highly regulated industry and the need for transparency in our business activities is greater than ever. Society’s expectations of global healthcare companies are changing. People want to know that companies like Novartis are acting with integrity by helping physicians make the best decisions for patients with evidence-based information about their products and services. We continue to focus on earning this trust and are committed to reinforcing our culture of integrity, while ensuring our business practices meet the highest standards, consistently across our entire organization.

Joe Jimenez, CEO, Novartis
PharmaRep Michael

Garattini: onesto, non saggio

Garattini è sempre onesto, ma non è certo saggio.
L’unico modo per limitare i costi dei farmaci è favorire lo sviluppo di farmaci simili. Quando un paese ha diverse alternative, può gestire i prezzi, quando ha solo il primo della classe e nessun altro, perchè si chiede agli altri di essere superiori, il primo della classe fissa il prezzo ed il Servizio Sanitario Nazionale può solo accettarlo. Proviamo ad immaginare il Sofosbuvir senza mee too…

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